Choose Target


A lot has changed in the past 50 years but one thing that has remained a constant is our commitment to quality crop protection services. With our level of experience combined with modern technologies and equipment, you can rest assured that Target Airspray holds the competitive edge in aerial application services spanning Southern Alberta. Multiple ground support units are available for quick and timely deployment to staging areas around the province where ever the need arises. 
  Target Air uses three turbine powered Thrush 510 aircraft each equipped with the most modern GPS guidance systems to provide the highest quality of pest control applications in the most efficient and timely manner possible. Each aircraft is also equipped with Ag-Tips, a structural addition made to each wing that improves pattern quality by lowering wing tip vortex. The result of this is better droplet deposition that increases coverage and lowers drift. With Target, discover the benefits of aerial application! 

Ground Services


 In addition to three Thrush 510 aircraft, Target Airspray is able to accommodate applications that are either too sensitive for an aircraft to safely treat or not required at the request of a customer through the use of a John Deere 4940. With 120ft swath width and a 1200 gallon tank paired with John Deere's StarFire GPS system we are able to accommodate any ground application need that should arise. A mobile transport and onboard support equipment are dedicated to providing quick and mobile ground applications on a moments notice. Call today for availability and booking! 

Dry Spreading


 In addition to liquid application, Target Air offers dry product services as well. With the use of a specially manufactured spreader, we are able to accurately and efficiently disperse a variety of dry materials including seed and fertilizer. When the need arises Target Air has all your bases covered!